Radio Kontakt

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Listen Radio Kontakt:

89.3 minutes 19:00-20:30 o’clock, Elita Liksenaj and Oralda Lami. The afternoon is spent more agreeably in “89.3 minutes” emission company.

Where  everyday the treatment of social, psychological and actual topics adds joy to your day! The positive energy which is forwarded through this timing will leave a sweet impression every day in you…

If the radio is extremely choppy or doesn't work at all, wait for about 5-10 seconds than press Play to play the radio,if it still doesn't work then come back another time.

Some radios may experience technical difficulties, are in maintenance or they just have finished their work for the day if they're radios that work only for a part of the day and not all the time, so it's not active at the moment.

Other Radios:

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