Radio lushnja

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Listen Radio lushnja:

Radio Lushnja began its broadcast in 30th May of 2009 and got spread quickly in 95.5 Fm frequency. Our radio listeners was offered a window more to get different informations from local life around, entertainment through different programs and 24hours a day company with beautiful albanian and foreign music.

We tried to be your “Voice” and your “Melody”. Every year we did our best to increase our broadcast range and quality, also in the internet for all Lushnja and albanian citizens wherever they’re around the world.

The radio station pushed from its dedicated staff, which actualy works with glamorising and financing businesses have made it to build a contemporary media, realizing the dream and ideas of Radio Lushnja’s founder.

If the radio is extremely choppy or doesn't work at all, wait for about 5-10 seconds than press Play to play the radio,if it still doesn't work then come back another time.

Some radios may experience technical difficulties, are in maintenance or they just have finished their work for the day if they're radios that work only for a part of the day and not all the time, so it's not active at the moment.

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