Radio Maria

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The history of Radio Maria in Albania takes place in 1995 when Mr. Emanuele Ferrario searched for ways to make the listening of this radio station in italian language possible in our country. This thing was possible in 1998 in some part of Albania, in Shkodër, Tiranë and Elbasan. In the same year, there started the first contacts for opening Radio Maria in albanian language also, which for different reasons was only conducted in 19 of July 2003.

From that day on, for the first time in albanian public, a radio station which took over cultural-religious education of this long suffering nation through centuries, was opened. In Albania, the project began in 7 of July 2000, a date in which “Shoqata Radio Maria”(Radio Maria Association) was created. Tirana court legitimized the association in 20 of August 2000.

The Albanian Radio Maria started its first broadcast in Shkodër, in 19 of July 2003, at 19:30, when his majesty archbishop Angelo Massafta, Metropoli i Shkodrës archbishop and president of the Albanian archbishops conference, blessed Radio Maria studios. The Abanian Radio Maria was listened first in FM 102.2 MHz frequencies and covered Shkodra, Podgorica, Ulqin, Malësi e Madhe, Dukagjinë and Puka. Since December 2004, it’s listened in FM 91.4 MHz frequency in Tirana, Durrës, Kavajë, Peqin, Rrogozhinë and Berat. Whilst in FM 89.6 MHz frequency is listened in Krujë, Mamurras, Laç of Kurbin, Milot, Lezhë and Mirditë. And since September 2005, through internet, the Albanian Radio Maria is listened all around the world at

Whereas, since November 2005, it is listened in north-east Albania, in Kukës, Tropojë and Kosovo, in FM 90.0 MHz frequency. Radio Maria association conducts its activities in the entire Republic of Albania territory. It headquarters take place in Tirana, address: Rr. Papa Gjon Pali II, Nr. 4

If the radio is extremely choppy or doesn't work at all, wait for about 5-10 seconds than press Play to play the radio,if it still doesn't work then come back another time.

Some radios may experience technical difficulties, are in maintenance or they just have finished their work for the day if they're radios that work only for a part of the day and not all the time, so it's not active at the moment.

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